I really felt the need to tackle this topic because of all of the information out there that I consider to be misguided. As of right now, the most common solution to this phenomenon is to “freeze out” the girl. More specifically, when the girl starts to hesitate to sleep with you, you are instructed to turn cold, stop all physical contact, and do something else, possibly check your email.

This method was developed by Neil Strauss and is  so prevalent because it actually works. Now, I have more respect for Neil than probably anyone else in the pickup community and in no way mean to disrespect anything he’s ever done; mainly because I am not on the same level as he is.

Here’s the problem I find with it though: although it works, I can’t help but find it kind of creepy and just don’t feel comfortable doing it. 

So how do I handle last minute resistance? The answer is, I don’t, and if I ever encounter it I feel as though I simply didn’t do a good enough job before she got into my bed in the first place.

What you have to do is build up enough sexual tension so that when you enter your bedroom, there isn’t a question on either of your minds what will be happening.

So how do you do this? The biggest thing to do is keep the majority of your conversation with a woman sexual. The Secrets Game is one of my favorites for doing this. You simply introduce the game as the best way to get to know another person, and begin asking each other personal questions about each other; kind of like truth or dare without the dare. It’s impossible for this game not to be sexual.

You also have to be direct with your intentions. The “freeze out” method is a perfect example of why I tend to stay away from “indirect game” as much as possible. It almost seems like you’re tricking her to come home with you. In that case of course she’s going to resist when you’re making advances.

One of my favorite things to drop in conversations is: “I have to tell you a secret. I just had a dirty thought about you.” and then of course to tell he what said thought was until later in the conversation when I feel the need to “sex it up” again.

Now you don’t want to talk like a guy, i.e. “I want to fuck you right now”. Instead, you want to sound more subtly descriptive like a guy in some chick romance novel, i.e. “I want to rip your clothes off and kiss every inch of your body”.

Girls love to talk about sex, probably more than any other thing. If you show them you’re perfectly comfortable with the subject and not some dirty perv who never has any, then they’ll appreciate talking to you about it.


The second half of this is making it clear that you’re the one who makes the decision . The whole idea of last minute resistance carries with it the frame that she is making the decision on whether or not you are having sex. This is flawed from the very get go. 

I’ll always say something like: “You can come sleep at my place, but don’t try any funny business.” The 5 date rule is another one of my favorites. I’ll tell her “I won’t sleep with a girl until the 5th date”. This is gold. See how many guys are telling her this.

Back at my place, I’ll advance a little, then tell her to slow down. This usually isn’t hard since by this point she’s doing more than her fair share of advancing. You have to get it to the point where you’re trying to stop everything from happening, but you just couldn’t help it any more because there was so much sexual magic in the air. Then afterward of course blame her for making you break your 5 date rule.

When she’s charged full of sexual energy and you’re telling her no, see how many times you’ll run into any last minute resistance as she tears your clothes off.