We all know that guys face anxiety when approaching a girl, or approach anxiety.

I’ve spent some past posts on techniques on getting rid of it but just in case you need a bit extra, I want to throw some good old fashioned logic into the mix to give one more tool to further fight AA.

 You see a chick that you want to talk to and you have the choice to approach her or not.

If you approach her, 1 of 2 things can happen, either she blows you off or she actually  engages you in conversation. Now because she’s probably a polite person she’s probably not going to just blow you off. But let’s focus on the worst case scenario here. Worst case, she gives you a funny look like “why the hell are you talking to me”, and just to make it as bad as possible, let’s say she makes fun of you and calls you a loser and indicates you have a tiny penis as well.

As I mentioned before this probably won’t happen but let’s say it does. First off, if you have the right mindset going in as I illustrated in my previous post, who cares. You were just trying to be friendly and she’s the social reject who’s losing value for being such a crazy biaotch. You can always respond with a “is that really how you treat people… remind me not to bring my puppy around you” and the best part is that you’d be completely right.

Now let’s look at your other option. You don’t approach. The result, you’d just never know. You just missed the chance to give yourself a little practice, and potentially meet someone who you really clicked with. You also feed into that self-doubt cycle and thus made it more difficult to approach the next time. You’re suck with that “what if” thought that no one likes.

So here’s the point. Even if  you’ve run into that .1% chance where this worst case scenario actually happens, it’s still better than if you never approached in the first place. No matter what the outcome, playing the game is better than not playing at all.