I know this is pretty much common knowledge, but just in case there are a couple guys out there who don’t know it: Valentines Day is one of the best days of the year to meet women.
Tonight, every girl that is usually fairly indifferent to the fact that she isn’t in a relationship will feel a bit jealous of the girls who are. The remedy for this will typically be to head out to the bars in full force.
Now don’t be fooled,  girls in this situation will often make tonight a “night for the girls” so they can all go out together and feel comfort in their mutual single-hood. The thing to remember is, they’re still women, and even though they may have the frame of, “screw guys, we’re just as happy on our own”, they still have their insecurities on the night that highlights loneliness more than any other night of the year.
They’ve still been bombarded all day by happy couples holding hands and girls beaming with bouquets of flowers. 
You’ve already got a great opener is the mutual feeling of, “screw Valentines Day”. Make fun of all those happy couples with her by saying how they all wish they could have the single fun that we’re having right now.
Not only will she be more receptive to your company because of all the subconscious hits she’s taken that day, but her friends will also be much less defensive because well, fuck it, it’s valentines day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I in no way advocate taking advantage of girls with low self esteem and praying on the self-conscious. I for one find it much more fun of a game when she’s got high value and makes your work for it. I’m just saying make the most of this once a year phenomenon to demonstrate to girls what their missing out on in your company.
Happy Valentines Day!