I’m going to take a moment to debunk the myth that the weekends are the best nights to go out to meet women.

Let’s start by weighing the pros and cons for weekend sarging:

Pros: Largest volume of women to meet period. Plenty of women out for fun and to meet people to date.

Cons: Also the largest volume of competition. Guys have “caught on” to the fact that these are the times the largest volume of women are out and about. Additionally, because of the higher amount of competition, women who are out to have a good time are very easily distracted by the next shiniest thing to come along. Because of this, is makes building an actual connection with a woman that much more difficult. While you’ll still get more numbers, makeouts, etc; the chance that these “leads” that will actually turn into something in the future is lower. 

Now let’s compare this to the pros and cons of going out on an evening during the week:

Pros: Women are generally there to hang out and have a chill night with their friends. Because of this, it is much easier to fully captivate their full attention and build a real connection. It’s also much easier to integrate yourself into their group since they’re all usually in the same place and not scattered to every corner of the club. Furthermore, because the women in the group aren’t being assaulted by guys hitting on them every other minute, the guys in the group are generally not as defensive as on a Saturday night.

Last night (Monday) I went out alone and got 6 numbers and 4 kiss-closes, and changed locations with 2 of them. Because it was easier for a stronger connection to be made, those numbers, makeouts, etc, will lead to a higher percentage of future meetings and relationships (casual or otherwise). 

Cons: Volume lacking, less room for error. 

Of course this simple comparison does not conclusively prove that week nights are better than weekends. There will be plenty of times where you meet more non-flaking women on the weekends and during the week. 

What is does show is that the traditional theory that weekends are the best night to meet women is simply not the definite truth. Have work the next morning? Remember you don’t need to drink to meet women. As most of us know this can hurt more than help.

Conclusion: Don’t be afraid to get out there on a weeknight and meet your next girlfriend.