Here’s an informative and entertaining excerpt from an email sent to me by my friend Will who I mentioned in an earlier post. He shares a ridiculously original technique to build a fun connection with a woman. Just to give a bit more background on this guy, he knitted himself a rainbow hat. While every guy I know gave him shit for how gay it was, every woman loved the thing.
His creativity and amount of fun he generates with women is highlighted in this email.
heres some shit you can pull if you and another girl ever have something in common: okay say you and this chick have something in common, like you both sneeze when you walk out into the sun, or you both dont drink caffeine,any stupid shit that is fairy rare and goofy.  say “maybe people in the future always sneeze when they walk into the sun”, or “maybe people in the future dont need to drink caffeine”, and say that maybe the two of you are the first of this new generation of humans.(the goal is to get you and this chick in your own world apart from reality.  by showing that you are better than everybody else or have something special that nobody else has, you are showing that you two are somehow connected.  chicks love destiny/mystical stuff like that) soo, say that the two of you owe it to science to breed and create superbabies.  kids that are superior to others in every way (which obviously your kids would be).  if she says shes not ready for kids orthat it would hurt, just say that superbabies only take a week or two to grow.  and theres no morning sickness.

Sounds silly? Sure… but so did that rainbow hat. Don’t be like every other guy.