Do you ever stop to think to yourself: “What should I say to open this set?” or, “What is she thinking about me right now?”

If these thoughts ever cross your mind, you are setting yourself up for failure before you even approach. Why? Because you can learn every great opener, have tons of routines down, and know the right answer to every shit test out there, but if you don’t have the right mindset and frame going in, it’s all worthless. Women want a guy that’s so confident in himself that it shouldn’t matter to him what she thinks. 

 So I could end the post right here and leave you all thinking, “thanks a fucking lot for that info Nick” while rolling your eyes. The reason being is that it’s not that easy to not care about the outcome. Men have to deal with approach anxiety and thousands of years of evolutionary DNA sabotaging us by telling us that we should care.

So here’s how to fix it. Get together with your favorite friend or go it alone, and have a “bombing night”. Make it the point to strike out with as many sets as possible, all the while not caring one way or another what they think.

I did this for the first time with a client last night and the results were incredible. For starters, we had the most fun either of us could remember having. We danced like retards and loudly sang along with the music. As my client opened and bombed more and more sets, it became more and more apparent to him that it really didn’t matter. There’s a million girls out there.

Another great thing happened. We got more and more creative with our openers. At first we started with “I think you’re pretty but I’m really shy and I just wanted to tell you that. I’m going to go now”. He came up with the brilliant line of, “I’ve got this rash forming and was wondering if any of you had any advice”. We would go up to random guys and ask them what we should say to bomb. The most creative of this was to offer a beautiful young girl money for sexual favors.

As I pointed out to him, not only were we having the best time there, but we were also by far the most social people there. Openers just started working even if we didn’t want them to. It’s easy to come up with something to say if you don’t care about the results; if you just do it for you.

I saw a more dramatic shift in the vibe, energy, and confidence in my client than I’ve ever experienced before. So go out and bomb- and have your best night ever