Here’s another move that was used with very good success last night.

Now normally I don’t advocate this, but walk up to a girl, and start with a compliment. If she has great hair, compliment her on her hair. Great eyes, compliment on the eyes, mouth, ears, ass, etc. Make sure it’s some physical quality of hers. 

Here’s the catch: Have the frame that you’re only interested in her for her hair, eyes, mouth, whatever. Kind of like you’re just using her to get to her best feature. 

For example. “You have ridiculously beautiful hair. I mean, you’re nice and all, but I’m really only interested in your hair. I’d like to take it out sometime. Can you ask your hair a question for me? I’d like to take your hair out to a nice dinner and maybe some dancing. Is there any way that I can set something up with just your hair? Oh… well I guess you can tag along if you’d like, I just hope you don’t mind being the third wheel…”

Possibilities endless. And you don’t say this all at once, but rather, drop another line every so often in the conversation- almost like you can’t help it. If she’s younger you can even channel some Ron Burgundy (you have a magnificent heiny) for added humor. 

The tone in this frame is a very playful one…  like you’re out to entertain yourself more than anything. You can’t do this seriously, otherwise you’ll be a guy who collects hair in his closet. Of course you still have to make other conversation and not be a one-trick-pony. But if done correctly, you’re coming off as a fun, playful guy who is different than any other man out there. 

Big added bonus: I did this last night and now have a “Carrie’s Hair” saved in my phone. How easy will it be to recreate a fun vibe when I call her asking if her hair is available?