Everyone knows the best place to meet women is at bars or clubs. There you’ll find women going out with the purpose of meeting guys.

 But where is the best place to meet women during the day? The answer is your local bookstore. Whether it be a Borders or Barnes and Noble or whatever, nowhere will you find as many beautiful women who are almost to the point of aimlessness and who can’t wait to be entertained.

 Just today I made a trip to the bookstore to see what was new in the world when I notice a beautiful blonde sitting in one of those big comfy chairs reading some women’s magazine.

I make my way over to the art section, because if you weren’t aware, 99% of beautiful women are into art, and grab a large book on photography filled with pictures. I then calmly sit next to the blonde and begin flipping through my book.

 Then, completely spontaneously, I begin asking her on her opinions on some of the pictures in the book, with a great energy and vibe of course. This is one of easiest ways to start a conversation with a woman during the day. It almost isn’t fair. 

After making more interesting chatter I got Alexis’ number, made sure she had mine saved, and left after a few more minutes of conversation.

When it comes to places to meet women, bars and clubs may be on the top of the list, but the bookstore isn’t far behind.